Horror and Thrillers // August 2017

Horror and Thrillers // From August 2017


Diary of an Exorcist - Zero


After a family trauma, Lucas Vidal devotes himself to fighting evil as a priest, but a terrifying exorcism pits him against the devil himself.

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House on Willow Street

South Africa

A group of desperate kidnappers learns the hard way that their captive isn't just another damsel in distress – she's a demon.

Why you should watch: Though it received decidedly mediocre reviews, it was noted as being fun and maybe a good way to break up your 30 Days of Horror this October!

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Pregnant and overwhelmed, Diana hires a caretaker for her son with severe autism. But she soon begins to fear the new nanny has sinister intentions.

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The Invisible Guardian


When an FBI-trained cop returns to her Navarre hometown to catch a killer targeting local teens, she must also face personal demons from her past.

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Hide and Seek


While living a comfortable life with his wife and child, a germophobic man realizes his estranged brother may have committed a terrible crime.

Why you should watch: Apparently a beat for beat remake of a Korean film, it's a fun, albeit somewhat classist, thriller that'll ruin a comfortable night of sleep or two.

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