Drama // August 2017

Drama//August 2017



Cloud Atlas


In this star-studded drama, six seemingly disparate stories explore the complicated links that humanity shares through the generations.

Why you should watch: It's an international, star-studded cast and co-directed by The Matrix directors, the Wachowskis, and German-national Tom Tykwer of Run Lola Run and Sense8.

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Rama Rama Re...

India (Kannada)

An escaped death row convict ends up taking a road trip with an old man on a personal mission and a young couple trying to elope.

Why you should watch: Indian press rated this movie favorably and it won many awards as the best film in its language-group Kannada.

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India (Gujarati)

A media storm follows a famous actor after he is wounded during a shooting scene in which fake bullets were replaced with real ones.

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An Off-Day Game

India (Malayalam)

On election day*, five old friends get together for a relaxing day of drinking. When boredom sets in, they play a familiar game that takes a dark turn.

*Note: In India, national and state elections are considered holidays and people typically have the day off in order to go to the polling stations. Not bad for the world's biggest democracy!

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The Blind Christ


A man claiming he had a divine revelation as a child treks across the Chilean desert to perform a miracle on a friend badly injured in a remote town.

Why you should watch: El Cristo ciego is a rather rare film in that it uses indigenous Chilean actors playing, essentially, themselves. One review noted the movie can get bogged down in its own details but remains an interesting piece of art nonetheless.

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