Comedies // August 2017

New Comedies on Netflix // August 2017



Jab We Met


Changing fortunes await a wealthy but dejected industrialist when he meets a spirited chatterbox on a train in this breezy Bollywood romantic comedy.

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KL Zombi


A field hockey-playing pizza delivery boy finds himself transformed from slacker to zombie slayer during an outbreak of the undead in Kuala Lumpur.

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Mission: Destroy Love


Two strangers meet by chance on a trip to Thailand and form a connection when they realize their former romantic partners ended up getting together.

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Un plus Une


A womanizing musician travels to India, where he composes a Bollywood film score and unexpectedly falls for the wife of the French ambassador.

Why you should watch: Female lead Elsa Zylberstein was nominated as one of the best French actresses in the film's debut year and the male lead, Jean Dujardin is famous for his role in the Academy Award-winning film, The Artist, and played a smaller role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

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